JULY  2014

AOZ1334 , ALPHS & OMEGA SEMICON - a single-channel EZPower™ Smart Load Switch. The device features an ultra-low on-resistance of 3.9m?, and delivers up to 10A of continuous current in a thermally enhanced 3mm x 3mm DFN package

CMD206 - Custom MMIC - features a noise figure of less than 3.5dB, a gain of greater than 11dB, and a P1dB (output power at 1dB compression point) of +12dBm at 30GHz. The amplifier requires an all-positive bias of only 4V @ 32mA (drain), 3V (gate).

PSF20L91A6-A -  MITSUBISHI - transfer-molded super-mini dual in-line package power factor correction (DIPPFC) module incorporating silicon carbide (SiC) transistors and diodes that is expected to help reduce the power consumption and size of home appliances

NCP1129, NCP1126, and NCP1124  - ON SEMI - Integrated 650 volt avalanche-rated MOSFETs enable robust, compact switching solutions for power-hungry applications such as household appliances, DVD players and set top boxes

LC05111CMT  - ON SEMI - Integrated Lithium-ion Battery Protection Controller for Smartphones and Tablets

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